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About all these guys

Character profiles:

Daddybear: Works for the government, also read (republican), drinks bear – I mean beer. Likes roleplaying, anime, cars, explosions and watching telly. The easiest going man ever. He is taken by…

MamaBird: I am odd. Nearly everyone on my Dad’s side of the family is on the autistic spectrum, including me. I am crunchy, though maybe I just parent anthropologically. Would like to garden except for the only thing I can grow is bacteria and yeast.

Bear: born 4/09, okay 4/20/09. He is still addicted to breastfeeding, which is biologically normal (calling Miss Detwyler). He is a hyper kid, a silly kid. He didn’t talk until 2.5, needed speech therapy to jump start the chatterbox. Chocoholic since 10 months. Runs around naked at home.

Bird: born 8/11 favourite snack: shoes. born at home like her brother, combo cloth/ec/disposable diapered, only likes to sleep next to mom, chocoholic like her brother. Her main word right now is bra-bra with is her brother bear


Nana: MamaBird’s Mom

Popi: Mamabird’s Dad

‘nanon: MB’s sister

Coe-wi: MB’s niece, ‘nanons daughter

mat, mark, jen and bryan: other siblings

Opa: DaddyBear’s dad

Gran-mi: Daddy Bear’s mom

Ian, houston: daddbear’s brothers

Doctor Louie: Friend forever, chiropractor. Was a Bear’s birth

Fox: Friend, met Daddybear in college

Mrs Fox: Friend

JD: born 2/10 Bear’s bestfriend

Ivy: born 4/11 Bird’s bestfriend according to Bear


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