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Bear thinks I am a master lego builder

September 7, 2012

I can build houses and garages and warehouses, you know, squares! Doesn’t stop him from thinking I can build a dragon or spaceship or 1962 Mustang. My cousin once built a freehand rifle with scope, but I think he may have done it because my grandpa was vehemently against guns. We got in trouble for guns made from toast.

Bear in the swimming pool. How’s this for literal?

We were sitting in the hot tub warming up and Bear pipes up that he peed. I tell that you aren’t supposed to pee in pools. He says “I know, I would never do that……I peed in the HOT TUB”

Also, sometimes it annoys me that my kids inherited my reflex skills. Bird has learned to climb on the table. At Opa’s she climbs up and opens the container of cookies, it is so cute that it’s hard to repeatedly tell her not to climb on the table. Well, the other night she fell head first, bounced off the chair and somersaulted on to the ground. One short bloodcurdling scream and then she realized that nothing happened and climbed back on the table….   Why do even warn them about getting hurt? In the same vein, at Bird’s 1 year visit it to the pediatrician. I was reminded about the grapes, popcorn and hot dogs choking hazard. I know this, though I can’t say I use it very often. I split grapes in half, but both are known for throwing their “broken” grapes away and climbing on the table to get the real ones. With popcorn I break the kernels off, but still, little hands are fast. But neither of my kids have EVER choked on grapes or popcorn. Both have had incidents of choking to the point of throwing up with….mashed potatoes. To which I say: watch your kids, the textbook. Which is hard because I love reading child development textbooks.

While writing this Bear yells “mom, bird made a mess. it’s green!” I assumed it was green paint. It was not. My table is covered in glitter.


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  1. Cathy Kincl permalink

    LOVE this! In later years, Norm & Eric built Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds out of Legos…try a little harder, girl! ;oDDD

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