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Sorry about not…

August 7, 2012

Sorry about not posting, both my Grandmas died in the last couple weeks, and family in town and family leaving town. It gets a little hectic.

Little bear is starting to be a know it all. Here are a few lately.

He ran out naked on the balcony naked with a flashlight and started shouting “Dad, look, I am flashing outside”

We were folding laundry when he picked up a shirt and told he thought it was still wet, I told him I didn’t think so. “well what to did you do then, dry it in the sink?”

and the last one which had be giggling for days. We were settling down in bed where a shadow cast on the ceiling looks like a smiley face. Little bear is going on asking “He doesn’t have a neck? That guy doesn’t have arms? That guy doesn’t have a vagina?” I laugh and say “Guys don’t have vaginas, what do they have?” His reply, “Oh yeah, your right they have underwears!”


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  1. Melly permalink

    Sorry about your grandparents passing. That’s rough they passed so close to the same time.

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