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Bread making with little ones

June 16, 2012

High moisture bread! I recommend it! Basically, you mix water, yeast, salt and flour and you have bread. I know, homemade bread is to hard, but the high moisture content means no kneading, whatsoever. Also you can leave it on the counter ALL day and everything is still hunky dory. You can add anything to this dough; olives, chocolate, raisins, tomatoes. Or you can turn into dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, pizza crust. I dream about this bread.

   Seriously, I did dream about it a couple nights ago. Apricot Pecan Bread. When I awoke, I was sad when the scent of the bread went poof into the dreamy mist. So, eventually in the day we had this scenario.

  “Lets make bread!” I announce. “Why?” answers Bear, it is his answer to everything. Give the kid a toy and he will ask “Why?”. “Lets just drink some boodgie instead” he quips. “No, I will make you eggs instead”. Several minutes later, Bear and Bird are sitting on the kitchen counter (butt naked) nibbling nectarine slices and scrambled eggs with the requisite red ketchup sauce. I pull a bowl out and pour in warm water. Bird dips her nectarine, I gaze at the fruit bits floating in the water. Well, it is going to be fruit bread so I continue. “Here, Bear want to add the yeast. Just a small handful.” several whys ensue as he reaches into the bag. I made a mistake of calling yeast “bugs”, don’t exactly remember how, but I did. Bear panics, he jumps up and dances wildly trying to shake every fleck of yeast off whilst screaming bloody murder. I tell him they are not bugs which calms him down, which is good because the only thing he succeeded in was covering himself with yeast. Bird grabs some so she can be covered in yeast also. We successfully get flour in the bowl, go to stir and Bear throws a bite of egg smothered in ketchup. I recoil in horror, fish it out of the dough and continue. Bird has pulled out the jar of oatmeal and starts throwing oatmeal in the bowl, at her brother, on the floor, anywhere within her 2.5 foot radius. Bear wants down, Bird follows. I just need another 24 seconds to finish, when I hear ‘glug, glug, glug’ and am instantly standing in a puddle. I very large puddle. Bear has just poured half a gallon of water on the floor. Instant laughter: just add water. Toy cars keep careening out of control, Bird keeps slipping onto her back and sliding, Bear starts using the puddle as a slip and slide. He has never seen a slip and slide, however I think the company patented something that belongs to children’s imagination. I seem to remember young me and my little brother once coating the bathroom floor in shampoo, we were cleaning the bathroom so we had an excuse, and I think it was probably even funner than I remember. Which was loads! It also explains why my Mom bought shampoo at the dollar store. I waited until someone got hurt to clean up the water, I still listened to protests of “I need this water”. In addition my floor was mopped, kind of…



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